For thousands of years, sheep have thrived against the elements, due to their wool coats protecting them from extreme cold and heat.

Wool is made up of crimped fibres, which form millions of tiny little air pockets that trap air and create a strong thermal barrier.

The Sheep's Wool Insulating Liners we offer are made from all natural, 100% sheep's wool, lined with a recyclable, food grade polyethylene.

The responsibly sourced wool is 100% biodegradable, which means when you've finished with it, it can be composted. Even if the wool ends up on landfill, it will naturally biodegrade within 6-12 months.

The wool is washed, scoured, heat treated and isn't processed with chemicals.

Suitable for use with food and pharmaceutical products.

Available in 4 sizes. Each box comes with 2 x wool liners

- Small Box - 16L (280x210x270mm) / Small Liner - 270x660mm

- Medium Box - 32L (350x300x300mm) / Medium Liner - 300x970mm

- Large Box - 40L (440x300x300mm) / Large Liner - 300x1140mm

- X-Large Box - 48L (470x320x320) / X-Large Liner - 320x1230mm