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Climaflex 19mm

Climaflex 19mm
Climaflex 19mm
Climaflex 19mm
Climaflex 19mm
Climaflex 19mm
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  • Model: W19CFV
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Professional grade insulation.

Polyethylene based closed-cell foam pipe insulation for heating and plumbing.

Supplied as 2m lengths. Please see above chart for options. Price includes UK mainland delivery.

Product Features:

  • Thermal Conductivity (EN ISO 8497):
0,036 W/mK at 0'C

0,040 W/mK at 40'C

0,053 W/mK at 90'C

  • Fire performance: Euroclass E (EN 13501-1)
  • Temperature Range: 0'C to +100'C (EN 14707)
  • Declaration of performance: W20PEF100

Because of its low thermal conductivity, Climaflex insulation reduces the loss of heat from distributors in plumbing and heating installations by up to 80%. This maximises not only the cost efficiency, but also the ecological efficiency of the entire unit.

Climaflex provides solutions that follow all necessary guidelines for any type of installation.

Climaflex is a foam product with sound absorbing properties, reducing pop and flow noises in pipes.

Polyethylene foam is a cost-efficient material with outstanding insulating properties. Products made of PE foam yield an excellent cost/performance ratio.

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