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Bubble Wrap
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Brand: Jiffy
Bubble wrap is one of the most recognised protective packaging products on the market today.Whether you are looking to move home or office; you're shipping your products; or you simply wish to store items, bubble wrap offers an economical, effective solution for void filling, interleaving, wrap..
Jiffy Foam Cut-to-Size
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Brand: Jiffy
Polyethylene Jiffy Foam is an extremely resilient, closed cell, non-crosslinked foam, designed to absorb the knocks and scuffs that threaten your products during transit.CFC and HCFC free, this foam is non-abrasive, non-corrosive and moisture resistant.  These lightweight, easy to cut, fla..
Corrugated Cardboard Rolls
Brand: Jiffy
Our single-face, corrugated cardboard rolls are 100% recyclable and contain 100% recycled paper.This is a flexible and protective packaging material, supplied on rolls, to make handling easy. Perfect for the removal, packing and mailing industries... or even if you're just moving house!- Wid..
Brand: Jiffy
Ensure that all your products arrive in perfect condition by wrapping with our foam rolls. Ideal for protecting those easily marked surfaces from unnecessary scratches and scuff marks. Clean, non-abrasive, lightweight, dust free and fully recyclable foam wrap rolls are the ideal w..
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