Happy to Help!

Custompac's web-sales team have been flexing their fingers and brushing up on their speed-typing, ready for the launch of our all-new web chat service.

Need help? Click on 'Need Help, Let's Talk!' for a live chat!


Thinking Outside The Box

Happiness is.... new banding machines! No more fiddly tape!

Thanks to Packer Products, who've been amazing helping us with spare parts.


Going Green

Our new loosefill packaging machine is up and running!

We are now producing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional polystyrene peanuts.

Our all new Starpac loose fill is made from starch and is 100% biodegradable. Now being produced at our site in West Yorkshire.


Not just packaging...

The latest visual merchandise props to come out of our new spray booth are hitting Levis stores across Europe.

At Custompac we have a bespoke design team devoted to special projects... including props, lettering, various coatings and spray painting.

Call 01977 519339 to find out more, or fill in an enquiry form on our Contact Page.



Christmas comes early to Custompac!

An early Christmas present to ourselves...a new Spray Booth!

Our bespoke design team is looking forward to exciting projects in 2019.

Merry Christmas to one and all - we are back in action on Wednesday January 2nd.


Custompac & Airbus Collaboration

The Custompac packaging design team have been working alongside the Modular Propulsion Team at Airbus, to create an innovative, protective, high-density, foam cover for a spacecraft fuel-tank.

Even the smallest scratch or dent to the pressurised tank, (which contains a Hydrazine rocket-propellant), could compromise safety during ground-testing, or ultimately lead to mission failure.

Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services.

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