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Polystyrene Balls

Polystyrene Balls
Bean Bag Filling 1 - 80 CF Bean Bag Filling 1 - 80 CF
Brand: Custompac
Polystyrene Beanbag (Bean Bag) Filling Sizes Available (Cubic feet/Litres):  1CF/28Ltrs, 2CF/57Ltr, 3CF/85Ltr, 4CF/113Ltr, 5CF/142Ltr, 6CF/170Ltr, 7CF/198Ltr, 8CF/227ltr, 9CF/255tr, 10CF/283Ltr  Approx bead size (inches/mm): 0.2"/5mm   IMPORTANT DELIVERY INFORMATION FOR 3..
Micro Bead Filling Micro Bead Filling
Micro Bead filling is used in orthopaedic neck pillows to give added support. The beads can be easily shaped and do not compress easily (unlike normal beanbag filling). The bead size is approximately 0.12"/3mm.For the safety of our customers, all our polystyrene is manufactured with a Flame Retar..
Polystyrene Balls Polystyrene Balls
Sold in whatever quantity required, our polystyrene balls are perfect for all kinds of crafts. Polystyrene dolls heads, planets, baubles, etc. Can be painted and have things glued to them, e.g. sequins. Our polystyrene balls come in a range of sizes: Smaller balls are solid (2cm, ..
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