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Ice Packs

Sorbafreeze Ice Sheets
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Brand: Sorbafreeze
Sizes Available:500g Ice Sheet - 3 x 4 cells / 295x210mm / 1200 sheets per box1000g Ice Sheet - 4 x 6 cells / 420x290mm / 600 sheets per boxAbout Sorbafreeze:Optimal temperature control for up to 48 hrsGuaranteed never to leakRe-usable (if no food / product contamination)Food Safe – Fully compliant ..
Gel Packs
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Brand: Sorbafreeze
These coolant packs are perfect for keeping your products cold in our EPS or Sheep's Wool lined boxes.The gel packs contain an industry leading formula, so your products stay cooler for longer.They come pre-filled and are completely food safe. They do not stick together when frozen and have high qua..
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