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*FRA = Fire Retardant Additive (Recommended for all construction use).

Polystyrene Grade Guide

ECO40 - Low Density Packaging Grade / 30% Recycled Content
ECO70 - Medium Density Packaging Grade / 15% Recycled Content
ECO100 - High Density Packaging Grade for Carving and Sculpting / 15% Recycled Content
ECO150 - Extra High Density Packaging Grade for Carving, Sculpting & Lettering / 0% Recycled Content
ECO40 FRA - Low Density Insulation Grade
ECO70 FRA - Standard Density Insulation Grade
ECO100 FRA - High Density Insulation Grade
ECO150 FRA - Extra High Density Insulation Grade
Please Note: All measurements are in millimetres (mm)

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EPS Insulation Fire Testing (when using the FRA addtitive)

In April 2018, tests to the EN 13823 and EN 11925-2 standards were carried out by material testing experts Exova Warringtonfire, to determine the classification of our Expanded Polystyrene Insulation (FRA).

(This covers both our sheet insulation and loose-fill cavity wall insulation.)

Samples of different depths of expanded polystyrene containing flame retardant additive were tested, achieving the following result: Euroclass C-s1-d0* (on depths of 20mm-200mm)

Fire Testing in action, in Exova's laboratory:

Click HERE and HERE to view the Fire Test Reports in full.


Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet - When Containing a Fire Retardant Additive


Polystyrene Insulation Guidance

Care must be taken when installing PVC cables, to ensure that they do not come into contact with polystyrene insulation.

A chemical reaction takes place between the PVC sheath and the polystyrene, resulting in a migration of polymers with the cable, known as 'marring'.

Polystyrene Cut to Size