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20 Jun Customers Keep Their Cool...
Sales 0 127
Thanks to James in Somerset for sending us a picture of his fresh produce being boxed up in our eco-..
02 Jun Stick 'n' Mix
Admin 0 145
Following on from the success of our Cut 2 Size calculators, we are excited to announce that we are ..
13 Oct Starpac - Protecting Luxury Products...
Sales 0 814
Custompac's biodegradable peanut machine has been running overtime!More and more of our customers, o..
06 Dec Custompac Elves Hard at Work...
Sales 0 1705
Custompac's Prop Elves have been hard at work over the last few months, creating eye-catching VM and..
11 Sep Parcels Sent With Love...
Sales 0 1717
We're excited to introduce the latest addition to Custompac's Eco-Packaging range. You can now send ..
10 Sep What's In A Frame...
Sales 0 1268
Custompac's prop team have been doing more Autumnal projects - this time a barley frame.After cuttin..
10 Sep Love is in the air...
Sales 0 961
Love is in the air in the Custompac props department, as the latest Valentine's display items hit sh..
10 Sep Crop 'Til You Drop!
Sales 0 1290
Autumn is the latest theme for our props department. The brief: A barley field. Our EPS bases were r..
13 Aug Baaaaa-rilliant Boxes!
Sales 0 1344
For thousands of years, sheep have thrived against the elements, due to their wool coats protecting ..
26 Jul Pool Props!
Sales 0 1083
Another fab display idea of McArthur Glen York's... a bit of sun bathing by the pool!The mannequin i..
26 Jul Custompac Column's Hit York!
Sales 0 898
The spirit of adventure has hit York's McArthur Glen Designer Outlet! Our latest display collabo..
19 Jul One Giant Leap For Yorkshire Soapbox Team!
Sales 0 931
Check out this space-tacular soapbox that a team from Pudsey, West Yorkshire constructed, using some..
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