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We're pleased to announce another addition to our more eco-friendly packaging range!  Custompac's B150K/T, single walled, corrugated board provides great protection for your fragile products.  Our cardboard already includes recycled content.... and when the product has finished its life as packaging, it is fully recyclable & compostable. 

The Cut to Size Sheet Calculator below means you can choose any size sheet you like, plus you can order as many as you like!  We also have a range of stock boxes available. Plus, coming soon, our Made to Measure Box Calculator.... watch this space!

Cardboard Sheets Cut-to-Size
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Brand: Custompac
Custompac Corrugated:Corrugated cardboard is usually comprised of 3 layers. The “fluted” material in the middle, glued to a liner on either side. We offer 2 variations - single and double wall.Corrugated Codes Explained:B – “Single Wall” – 1 layer of 3mm deep “fluting” between the 2 liners..
Standard Cardboard Boxes
Brand: Custompac
We're pleased to announce more additions to our eco-friendly packaging range!Whether you are looking to move home or office; you're shipping your products; or you simply wish to store items, Custompac's B150K/T, single wall, corrugated cardboard boxes provide great protection for your products. ..
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